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All-Chi A50 with Android 9.X global landing

Recently, Zhuhai Quanzhi confirmed that the A50 tablet equipped with Android 9.X system can pass the Google-GMS certification test.

As a full-time 2018 flat product line product, the A50 chip platform has been greatly improved in terms of achieving good security, stability, compatibility, and superior performance experience. And through the Google-GMS certification test, it can also help end users reduce the time required for compatibility verification with Google, which greatly shortens the time to market.

The strong advantages of the A50 are as follows:

The All-Chi A50 can pass the Android 9.X system certification test, providing strong support and guarantee for the partner products to land globally.

Yuxin Digital, together with the A50 chip solution, teamed up with partners to launch consumer electronics products based on the A50 + Android 9.X system in the global market.

Yuxin Digital continues to provide customers with fast, efficient and stable one-stop system solutions and services.