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Gift to the 90th Anniversary of Jianjun | Yuxin Di

The unremitting pursuit of intelligent hardware, the exploration and persistence of the field of artificial intelligence, Yuxin Digital has broadened the meaning of an agent. Time is awkward. Only when we are unchanged, we interpret the dreams of this group of technical men with professional persistence. In the first half of 2017, it became the only logistics platform for A20 and A83T in the Quanzhi system. On July 31, another heavy news broke out: Yuxin Digital and Google signed the MADA cooperation agreement. This means that for any customer with GMS certification needs, just contact us and you can all mess up, save time and effort and peace of mind!

       For customers with GMS certification requirements, it is definitely a big positive news. Yuxin Digital is always welcome to consult relevant content.

    In order to help you understand the basics of Google´s GMS/MADA protocol, some materials have been compiled for reference:

First, what is GMS

    GMS is the abbreviation of Google Mobile Services, namely Google Mobile Service

    It is Google´s series of software and services for Andriod´s smart mobile platform, such as Google Play, Google Map, Gmail, Youtube, etc. are all GMS applications.

Second, the Google GMS policy
    If a new Android device wants to use a GMS application, Google enforces GMS authentication to improve the Android experience and resolve the fragmentation of multiple versions of Android;

    For uncertified devices, Google will take the following actions:

(1) Beginning in 2017, User can see from the setting menu whether the device has GMS certification;

(2) Google uses technical means to disable Google accounts and GMS applications.

Third, the premise of applying for GMS
      The premise of applying for GMS is to sign the MADA agreement with Google. The full name of the MADA protocol: Mobile Application Distribution Agreement, the Chinese name is: Mobile Application Software Distribution Agreement, which is an agreement between Google and the manufacturer using Android system.

      According to this agreement, before launching devices using the Android system, relevant vendors must pre-install all Google applications, and put Google Search, Google Play on the device´s first screen, and use Google Search as the default search engine.

      OEMs with MADA (brand customers) can apply for GMS certification through 3PL Labs;

      Customers without MADA can apply for GMS certification through 3PL through ODM (46) MADA sub-licence;

Fourth, GMS certification considerations
       The CTS/CTS Verifier test in the device GMS reaches 0Fail before it can be submitted to the 3PL organization;

1. The developer leads the internal GMS test;

2, the relevant engineering problems found in the certification body / Google certification should be resolved in the first time;

3. Applying for GMS certification prototype software After the customer customization software is determined, the developer provides the seal software, which is not allowed to be changed;

4. The certified model hardware/software is updated and needs to be re-GMS certified;

5, before the customer upgrades the OTA, the software version needs to be approved by Google before the OTA upgrade;

 Five, GMS certification testing process.
The GMS test contains:

CTS : Compatibility Test Suite

CTS Verifier

GTS : GMS test suite

This test is mainly to test the compatibility of the system, to ensure that the third-party apk call system API interface can run normally, and maintain the ecosystem of the Android system.

Sixth, GMS specific test items.

1. Compatibility (CTS/CTS Verifier test):

(1) stability;

(2) user experience;

(3) Safety (GTS test).

2, chip requirements:

     Android N and above OS requires the chip to support Trustzone and TEE Security A64/A83T/A63/A50.

     Ok, here are some basic introductions to GMS.

     In the following days, Yuxin is bound to open a new chapter, Yuxin people are willing to join hands with new and old customers to discuss and grow together! Do a good job and make fine products!

      Pioneering and innovative, cooperation and win-win, Tongchuang sharing!